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I conduct a 45 minute Training Call occasionally that is available to all members of the Real Estate Idea Club via a telephone conference call. Starting two weeks prior to the monthly call, notices are sent to all members advising them of the date of the call, the time of the call and the phone number to call to listen in.

Following the telephone conference call members can access a written outline of the  highlights of each past call in the members only area of the website. This outline can be printed out for personal use. The index of calls identifies the date and topic.


Sample Marketing Tips


Preparation Letter

One of the things that caused my listing presentation to be longer than I wanted was the seller wasn’t prepared as much as they could have been. So, I began to include my “Seller Preparation Letter” in my pre-listing package. Here’s what it said:

Enclosed is a partial marketing plan and a pricing presentation. Please take time to review this and write down any concerns you want to address when we visit. If possible, please have the following information at our meeting.

  1. Closing papers when the home was purchased.

  2. Loan coupon books on all mortgages.

  3. A survey of your property.

  4. A floor plan if you have one.

  5. One key for the front door.

What I discovered was this. Upon your arrival if they say, “Here’s our original closing papers, our loan information and a key to the front door” – that’s a good sign!

Ask for a set of keys at the listing appointment

Hi Rick-
I want to thank you for suggesting that we ask for a set of keys at the listing appointment.  Because I do business by referral, the sellers seem to be comfortable with it. It also makes it so much easier to sort out the tire kickers from the serious sellers.

I think that asking the sellers to have a couple of copies of their keys available when we meet also displays an uncommon confidence that most agents don't have and I think that is what sets many of the better agents apart from the rest of the pack.

So far, I have picked up keys at my last 2 listing appointments.... that's before I even have a conversation about the listing price, which I typically won't give to a seller until after they have signed with me.

It's almost too easy!

Thanks again,

Others found this helpful

I recently shared an idea with a group of agents I’m working with about how you phrase a statement can make a world of difference. Here is the idea – short and sweet.

When you offer information to a buyer/seller, whether it’s verbal or something in a written format, I encourage you to try this. Rather than saying something like, “This information may be of help to you” or “You’ll find this information useful” I suggest you put this spin on it.

“Other folks I’ve worked with have found this very useful.” In other words let them know the information you’re offering has been of benefit to others. It implies importance to the data and my raise the level of interest they have.

Prioritize Tasks

I recently had a conversation with an agent that was working way too much and running around like the proverbial “chicken with its head cut off.”  Here was my suggestion:

  1. The leads that come in need to be categorized.  It may seem simple, but the buyers are a 1, 2 or 3.  #1 buyers have a DATE to move, #2 buyers NEED to move but have no date and #3 buyers are EVERYONE ELSE!  If you consciously identify which motivation they have that will help determine who you work with in what priority.  When it comes to sellers I have a similar categorization.  Sellers either MUST sell, NEED to sell or would LIKE to sell.  I think it’s fairly evident which ones you should focus on.
  2. The other suggestion has to do with the many things you’re currently taking on.  It sounds like you have an assistant, so here’s the idea.  Take a week or so and write down every single thing you do.  It will add to your workload for a few days, but it will be worth the effort.  Once you’ve written down everything you do, go back and highlight those items that you simply cannot delegate.  If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll see (in theory) you could actually delegate the majority of the tasks.  Another way to attack this is to number in priority the items you must do.  The point is you need to become consciously aware of which things are more important than others and have the confidence to delegate those that are lower priority or at least do them as time permits and not put them ahead of other more important tasks.